Wolf Line Construction participated in OSHA’s annual safety campaign for 2019 through mid-August. The 2019 theme was “Safe and Sound”.

Daily safety meetings focused on a new topic each day with a final safety commitment by the team. Each employee had the opportunity to commit and sign WLC’s safety poster. WLC employees committed to continuing to work safely and focusing on keeping themselves, coworkers, customers and the traveling public safe.

The safety poster is proudly displayed at our work site in Michigan. Wolf Line Construction is providing broadband installation services to rural customers in Michigan.  Wolf Line Construction is committed to safely deploy FTTH networks in rural communities across America. 

Safe and sound certificate.png


Safety is the number one priority for us. It is embedded within our culture and it is a “round the clock” attitude shared throughout Wolf Line Construction Company. Safety is present in everything we do from the first job walk, to daily tailboards, and continuing through the day’s production activities. This safety attitude continues to the journey home to our family. Our safety culture is ingrained in our daily lives, both on and off the job.


Safety Goals

  • Successfully complete projects while embodying our safety culture

  • Ensure the safety of our workforce

  • Ensure the safety of the general public near or around our work area

  • Attain and sustain a zero-injury workplace


Maintaining our safety culture requires our employees to be CPR and First Aid certified. Recently we held a class for several WLC employees to ensure they are properly trained in CPR. 

 This life saving training is very important whether it is used at home, work or in the community. WLC empowers their employees to be prepared at all times.

Safety Record: 2018 Update

Wolf Line Construction ended 2018 with zero incidents. Our employees are dedicated to working safely each day, staying vigilant and focused to keep one another, customers and the traveling public safe. WLC’s “round the clock” safety culture is what has allowed us to continue to be successful where safety is concerned.

Safety Record: 2017 Update

Wolf Line Construction ended 2017 with zero accidents/incidents. Our “round the clock” safety culture is what has allowed us to be successful where safety is concerned. Staying vigilant, focused and working together safely is what all WLC employees strive to do at work and at home.